Time to Talk – and take action

Time to Talk is an opportunity for everyone to focus on mental health, writes our Operations Director Lisa Hillman.

Conversations are a vital way that we can reduce the stigma which has traditionally been attached to people’s emotional wellbeing.

But it’s also very clear that we need more than talking. Time to Talk should be a springboard for us all to consider the importance of mental health all year round.

There are so many of us who could benefit from a cuppa and a chat. But there’s also a significant proportion of the population who have a diagnosable condition.

For these people, the effects of mental ill health are felt every day of the year. And we collectively have a responsibility as a society to do what we can to ensure their symptoms and conditions are as high a priority as any physical health issue.

Time to take action

That’s why at Komplex Community, we’re aiming to perfect services for those who need that year-round support.

By working with property partners, we can join the dots and streamline the process. So these individuals can live in a home that they can call their own, that’s suitable for their specific needs.

And we combine this with the high-level of care offered by our own Komplex staff. The team receive specialist training on mental health, learning disabilities and autism at our in-house Academy.

This means clients are safe and supported in a suitable environment, without the constraints of an institutionalised setting.

By empowering clients to live in their own home, with right support network in place around them, we can maximise the opportunities they’re able to access, and increase their choices when it comes to accessing enriching activities and taking an active part in society.

So, while you’re having your conversations about wellbeing this Time to Talk day, do remember to include those for whom mental health is a daily reality – and join us in improving the services we offer them.

You can find out more about our mental health support services here. Or if you’d like to join our mission to provide first-rate community care then you can view our current vacancies here.