World Book Day at Komplex

World Book Day gave us a fantastic chance to take part in a whole host of reading-related activities.

At Komplex headquarters, we hosted a book swap to give staff, clients and their families the opportunity to take home some new reads! It was fantastic to see clients coming into HQ to browse through the offerings – and staff enjoyed the swap too.

Individual activities were also planned to ensure every Community client had the chance to take part in the day. They each picked their favourite book and their support teams put together a range of activities to suit their interests.

Examples include:

  • One client’s garden was transformed into Hundred Acre Wood so she could take part in a Winnie the Pooh themed treasure hunt.
  • Clients who enjoy baking made cakes themed around their favourite book.
  • One client chose The Flying Bath by Julia Donaldson so all of her activities were focused around water.
  • Some clients visited their local library to pick out some new reads.
  • And those who enjoy art had themed craft and colouring activities to complete.

Why did we take part in World Book Day?

World Book Day is not only an excellent opportunity for us to plan some really fun themed activities. We also know that reading is really beneficial for wellbeing.

We’ve published a blog about the health benefits of reading over on our Komplex Health website. So, do head there to find out more.

“Reading is widely recognised as being an excellent pastime to reduce your levels of stress. In fact, one report put a number on it – stating people’s stress levels were lowered by 68%. This makes it more soothing than listening to music or talking a walk, according to the experts.”

Komplex Health blog

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