About Us

Komplex Community is taking a new approach to the well-established concept of assisted living across England. Building on the expertise of the Komplex Group, we provide highly-trained medical staff to enable people to live at home, within their community.

Due to the scale of the Komplex Group and our in-house training capacity, we can create the perfect accommodation and care package for even the most complicated of health issues.

From urban bungalows to rural farm properties, we dedicate our time working with property partners to deliver exactly the type of environment which is best for the client – and their community.

Meet the team


Managing Director

Arron has worked in the complex care environment for more than 20 years, experiencing everything from personal care to management and acquisitions. He understands the challenges of frontline care work, which combined with his management experience, gives Arron a well-rounded strategic outlook of the care industry.


Operations Manager

Katy’s management experience includes working within retail, healthcare, and education, specialising in supporting children who have experienced traumatic life events. A qualified PRICE trainer, Katy delivers the physical restraint training across the business. She says: “It is a real privilege to support our clients and their teams to ensure they all lead fulfilling and enriching lives.”


Operations Director

With 15 years of care experience within senior management roles, working across multiple settings, Lisa has gained vast experience of delivering care services to vulnerable adults and young people with complex care needs. She is passionate about delivering person centred, holistic care, ensuring clients are liberated, independent and given the best quality of life possible.


Operations Manager

Roland has worked in complex care environments since 1998, and in the management of complex services since 2000. Roland has been a management lead in many businesses including domiciliary, care homes, multi-site management and hospitals. 

“I know Komplex Care has the right business ethics to work with. I am excited to be part of Komplex Care, working with the staff teams on delivering the best standards of care and services available.“