What we do?

We build relationships with key property partners to provide complete care packages in purpose-built accommodation for adults with specialist needs, such as:

  • Mental health issues
  • Autism
  • Learning disabilities

Housing with mental health support

Our mental health supported living services are an alternative to continued residential and institutional placements – supporting independence in a safe and protective environment.

Housing with care and support can be a vital step on the recovery journey for those leaving high support services, with a focus on medication support, risk management and regaining the skills to live independently.

We have access to a wide range of properties throughout the UK, meaning we can not only meet our clients’ needs but can work to their personal preferences too – whether they want to live in the hustle and bustle of a city or have the quieter lifestyle of the countryside.

Community care

Our mental health community care support services enable clients to live semi-independently in their own home, but with additional specialist support delivered by our trained, experienced staff.

The level of care can gradually decrease as clients show development and confidence in their own ability and independence.

Learning disabilities

People living with learning disabilities often find it challenging to be part of their local community, but with the right professional support in place can enjoy a fulfilling life, with jobs, hobbies and activities they may never have thought possible.

We support clients with a wide range of learning disabilities, to enable them to remain living in their own home, making their own choices so they can live the life they choose.


Autism is a spectrum disorder, affecting each individual in significantly different ways – meaning specialist knowledge of the condition is vital to ensure the right level of support is provided.

At Komplex Community, we have staff who are trained in a range of specialisms, including British Sign Language and the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), to support clients who aren’t able to communicate through speech.

We use positive behaviour support within our teams to provide a consistent approach to those whose behaviour triggers are varied and challenging.

Step down mental health support

If someone has received hospital care due to mental health issues, having the necessary support in place at home is vital for their long-term recovery. Our highly-trained staff can assist with everything needed to get their lives back on track, whether that’s helping them register with a GP or dealing with benefit claims.

Crucially, we work closely with family and friends to help clients in the best possible way with the support of those who know them best.